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When one of your utility systems or units begin making curious noises or shutting off sporadically, you may think it's a momentary glitch, but those little warning signs are probably indicating the start of a growing problem. Gene Burch Plumping, Heating, & Air has 40 plus years of experience diagnosing and fixing utility systems in California including Tiburon. From residential to commercial buildings, our team is trained and certified in a variety of installations, repairs, and regular servicing. We value your satisfaction with our craftsmanship and encourage open communication from start to finish of a job.

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Plumbing Installation

Gene Burch Plumbing has invaluable experience, which can only be obtained from being in the industry since 1975. Our extensive plumbing installation services range from faucets, toilets, bathtubs, showers, garbage disposals, and drains to water heaters, water softeners, remodels, and whole house water filtration systems. In order to give customers, the greatest value for their plumbing needs, regular servicing, manufacturer warranties, and quality products all play a key role.

When you invest in a product, there is a feeling of comfort when a manufacturer's warranty is included. In the fine print of those manufacture warranties lies preventative maintenance stipulations, and Gene Burch has designed a Membership program that includes the servicing needed to appease that warranty. Preventative maintenance will also protect the longevity of your plumbing by tuning up any areas affected by the wear and tear of use. Now what about a savings you can see more immediately? Gene Burch uses high-quality, efficient products such as our line of "Green" products known to lower overall water usage.

Drain Cleaning

A draining issue can be identified through small, subtle flags. Look out for water accumulation in your sink or shower. As water drains, you may hear gurgling or see air bubbles. Your toilet may even begin to clog more frequently. While warning signs seem small, taking the steps to clean your drains out should be immediate. The foreign substances that have built up in your pipes will continue to build until you have a more serious and more expensive plumbing headache on your hands.

Combining our experience, our desire to educate, and our high-tech equipment, Gene Burch Plumbing aims to give customers a superior experience. While our professionals are on site, you will be communicated with in every step. The goal is to give customers a clear understanding of the thought process behind the chosen approach. You will know why we use the diagnostic tools we do when assessing your drains and the reasoning behind how we determine the most efficient method in resolving your draining problem. Not only will you be impressed by our extensive knowledge in our trade, but our reliable craftsmanship will be making our services for you few and far between!

Heating & Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Utility units and systems generally come with recommended tune-ups by the manufacturers, which is also required in order to keep the warranty valid. Gene Burch Pluming Heating & Air will help you navigate the schedule of service and safety checks your HVAC or heating system needs to remain covered. Our goal is to give you the longest use of your utility systems by making sure natural wear and tear that comes with age causes larger problems. At the end of a unit's lifespan, customers have found that they received greater value over the years with regular preventative maintenance.

When the cost and value of keeping your current unit or system outweighs the cost and value of a new one, then we will recommend a replacement. Otherwise, our commitment is in keeping your current utility systems in place and functioning at a reliably efficient level. Because we value education, we have provided our professionals with the figurative and literal tools necessary in the proper repairment of problems within your plumbing system, gas line, HVAC, water heater, or furnace. Put the talents and skills of Gene's Team to the test today!

In all Gene Burch installations, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction, so please call us if you are not feeling confident in our work post-installation. We want to address all questions and concerns whether that is over the phone or in person for a follow up appointment to look over your plumbing together. "Honesty, Integrity, and Great Customer Service" is a slogan that isn't just for show.

Great Service is in Our Genes!

I am extremely pleased with their top notch work and staff and highly recommend them! — Stephanie C. on Yelp

Serving Marin County Since 1975

Gene Burch Plumbing, Heating & Air provides Corte Madera and Marin County with professional plumbing & HVAC services. If you're looking for drain cleaning, plumbing service, or heating & AC service, give us a call!

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