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Minor problems in a utility system can grow into a more serious issue quickly whether in a home or a commercial building. The team at Gene Burch is educated and certified in the innerworkings of plumbing, heating, and air services. As a second-generation family owned company, we greatly value customer satisfaction and want to provide customers with confidence in our service through open and transparent communication. Gene's Team will show Sausalito, CA the excellent craftmanship in all repair, service, and installation jobs we do.

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Drain Cleaning

Identifying that your drains need to be cleaned can be quite tricky because warning signs aren't always loud and in your face. Maybe the water in your sink takes a few more seconds to fully drain or your toilet begins to clog a little more frequently. Whatever warning sign you are experiencing, immediate action to having those drains cleaned is strongly encouraged by all plumbers. This situation is the small plumbing problem that turns big because the task was put off!

Executing a plan of action in a timely fashion is what Gene Burch Plumbing is all about. Our team is trained to diagnose your specific drainage problem, determine the most effective approach, and then provide a smooth follow through. We pride ourselves on having superior service compared to our competitors because we take that extra step and explain the 'what' and 'why' of our actions. After we complete the cleaning, you will have operational drains and a plethora of knowledge about your draining system.

Heating & Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Preventative maintenance holds the most value for customers. Every HVAC or furnace comes with a suggested servicing schedule for the purpose of prolonging a unit's lifespan while keeping your utility system operating as intended during those years of use. Wear and tear can be small at first until other parts of the unit have to overcompensate. This chain of events causes more devaluation within the unit and decreased the overall amount of years you could have gotten from that HVAC or furnace. So why schedule a service appointment when there is no reason for you to suspect that anything is wrong, you ask? Simple. An HVAC, for example, can tell you its not operating at its most efficient level in the form of a spiked electric bill. No one wants a surprise in their utility bill at the end of the month, so save yourself the extra money and find out what servicing needs your heating, air, and plumbing system needs.

Only when necessary, will our experts recommend a new installation. We take great care and time to ensure you are getting the most out of your current utility systems. Don't settle for a low-grade patch job that turns into a reoccurring issue later in the year. Our team of certified, experienced professionals have encountered repairs in pluming systems, gas lines, HVACs, water heater units, and more. We will take the time to locate the issue on the HVAC or water heater you know still has life left in it and fix the problem properly. Gene's Team is here to help with utility repairs needed in Sausalito, CA!

Plumbing Installation

As a full-service plumbing company, Gene Burch plumbing installations include faucets, drains, toilets, bathtubs, showers, garbage disposal, water heaters, water softeners, and whole house water filtration systems. Our installation services also extend to remodels. With 40 plus years of installation experience under our toolbelts and status as an accredited business by the Better Business bureau since 1998, Gene's Team knows the importance of preventative maintenance, manufacturer warranties, and high-quality products.

Trying to decipher all guidelines of your manufacturer's warranty can be confusing, so we created the Gene's Team Membership designed to outline all the preventative maintenance needed to keep that warranty. Other benefits include 15% off all plumbing services, Member only offers, and more. In addition to not voiding your manufacturer warranty, regular maintenance keeps the normal wear and tear to a minimum allowing your plumbing to work more efficiently. While a long-term savings plan is smart, Gene Burch can do you one better. Ask about our code-approved "Green" products. Your water bill will certainly show you a more immediate savings at the end of the month.

Our dedication to a satisfied customer means a 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. We remain committed to upholding our "Honesty, Integrity, and Great Customer Service" slogan.

Great Service is in Our Genes!

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Gene Burch Plumbing, Heating & Air provides Corte Madera and Marin County with professional plumbing & HVAC services. If you're looking for drain cleaning, plumbing service, or heating & AC service, give us a call!

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