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Any number of things can go wrong with a utility system in homes or in commercial buildings. As a full-service plumbing, heating & air company servicing Corte Madera CA, our staff is educated on how these systems need to be configurated to run at optimal level. We are a transparent company who is more than happy to walk our clients through every installation, service, and repair process. You should know why your plumbing, furnace, air conditioning, or boiler system is acting up as well as where your money is going within each repair service or installation. As a company that has been around for 40 years, we know that our team is only as good as our last job.

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Heating & Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Regular servicing or safety inspections of your utility systems has shown to hold the most value to customers. By following the directed maintenance checks, any small problem is more likely to be caught before turning into a larger problem or turning into a problem when you need that system to be in full function. You would not want to be in the middle of a hot season to find that your AC unit shut down on you. Frequent tune-ups also hold off the standard wear and tear that come with years of use giving you a peace of mind that your unit continues to operate at its most efficient level. Without regular servicing on your HVAC unit, for example, you may not realize anything is wrong until an increased electric bill is staring you in the face.

You should be getting the most value you can out of your utility units and systems. If your goal is to keep an appliance that has been serving you well for years, a job done right to us is evaluating every possibility in making that appliance operational once more. We only recommend replacements when necessary. Our certified professionals are trained in tackling all types of utility repairs including plumbing, gas line, HVAC, Water Heaters, and more! Gene's Team will give you a peace of mind for you and those around you.

Drain Cleaning

Seeing water accumulate at the bottom of your sink or shower may have you either not giving it a second thought or jumping to a worst-case scenario about your plumbing. Either way, your drain is simply in need of being cleaned. Other signs to look out for will be mysterious odors, gurgling sounds, and frequent clogs. These warning signs that something foreign has built up or became stuck in your drains may not seem serious at first, but action should be taken immediately to prevent that worst-case plumbing scenario you thought of earlier from occurring.

Gene Burch Plumbing is trained to assess your situation, determine the most effective course, and execute the plan in a timely fashion. What really sets our team apart from other companies is how much we value walking our customers through each step by explaining our thought process and decisions. We not only want to show off our skills, but also our knowledge in our respective trade. As much as we wish to be of service again soon, we will advise you on the day to day care that prevents unnecessary foreign build up in your drains; meaning you will see less of us.

Plumbing Installation

As an accredited business by the Better Business bureau since 1998, there is consistent action backing up our slogan of "Honesty, Integrity, and Great Customer Service". Gene Burch thinks of the customer first and in doing so has created the Gene's Team Membership focused on giving maximum value in every installation and service our team executes. Our Membership specifically includes a schedule of preventative maintenance and tune-ups, which preserves your manufacturer's warranty along with the longevity of your plumbing unit or system.

Good installation is plumbing that will last. Because Gene Burch has been performing a variety of plumbing installations for over four decades now, our people know location and type of product are important factors. When we install a water heater, for example, we analyze the space available and plan out the most convenient and least intrusive way to install the unit into your home. Also ask us about out code-approved "Green" products. You will see even more savings through your home's lower water usage. For any reason, if you are unhappy post-installation, do not hesitate to voice your questions or concerns. We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

Take advantage of our plumbing savvy and dedication to your satisfaction. Our installation services will include faucets, drains, toilets, bathtubs, showers, garbage disposal, water heaters, water softeners, whole house water filtration systems, and remodels.

Great Service is in Our Genes!

I am extremely pleased with their top notch work and staff and highly recommend them! — Stephanie C. on Yelp

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Gene Burch Plumbing, Heating & Air provides Corte Madera and Marin County with professional plumbing & HVAC services. If you're looking for drain cleaning, plumbing service, or heating & AC service, give us a call!

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