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Question: What can I do to prep my heating system to get it ready for the winter season?

Question:  What can I do to prep my heating system to get it ready for the winter season?


Gary Burch Owner operator Gene Burch Plumbing Heating & Air


#1 Replace or clean your filter(s)

A clean filter is vital for your system to work properly and safely through the cold season.


#2 Properly set your thermostat

With most systems having cost saving programmable thermostats, it’s important to set     the proper temperature setting & times of operation. This will keep your home comfortable only when you’re there and efficient while your away, to save’s you money on your monthly heating bills.


#3 Seal doors and windows

Check to ensure weather stripping and molding are in good shape.  Replace if needed. These seals can account for a large heat loss in many homes driving your heating bills higher.


#4 Clean around outdoor unit if you have one

Outdoor systems will accumulate leaves, debris etc…over the summer months, this can also cause the system to labor driving drive your heating bills higher. Clean all material from around the unit.


#5 Think about adding additional insulation in attic and basement if possible

These areas are a common problem for heat loss in many homes. These improvements will keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in the summer (even if you do not have a AC system on your home)


#6 Vacuum your vents/registers

A simple vacuum can remove summer dust collected on the supply and return grills.


After you have taken care of these basic items be sure and have your yearly systems health and safety check up done on your furnace. Component check and cleaning of your system will identify potential problems and avoid expensive emergency repairs and keep you comfortable through the winter.

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