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 Effective April 16, 2015 the Department of Energy (DOE) is mandating higher efficient water heaters.

 How this will affect you? If you have an older water heater with less than 2” of clearance in room or through door for your water heater, you may want to consider replacing it now, to guarantee lower pricing before the new regulations and cost go into effect. The water heaters general life span is between 8-12 years. Here is what you can expect to see with the newer models:

 These water heaters will increase in diameter by 2” with little or no change to the height.  The closet and door dimensions required for the mechanical closets may increase from the minimum sizes for current water heater models due to the increase in insulation thickness. 

  • More expensive units – the price of a water heater will increase by 35%
  • More complicated installation requirements
  • Possible remodeling costs if your water heater is located in a closet or attic.
  • The efficiency requirements will mean that all gas-fired water heaters above 55 gallons will be need to be condensing-style, high efficient type.  The condensing gas-fired water heater is currently more expensive than standard gas-fired water heaters; however, these type of water heaters are becoming more common place due to current LEED and Energy Star requirements.

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