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When hot water is being used water heater seems to give off a hissing noise, don’t remember my old water heater doing this. Any advise?

Gary Burch Owner/25 Years as plumbing Service Technician


Dan, There are a few reasons for hissing at your water heater.

 If you drain the water heater of all the hot water making the tank is completely cold, the heater will drip condensate on the burner plate when the heater fire and cause hissing? Or if there is a restriction of some kind at the water heater supply line it will make a hissing noise as the water travels through it?


 Have someone run water when you are standing at the heater when it is at full temperature, does it make the noise? If so it’s not a condensation issue.

  If your increased water flow is causing more noise it is likely  a restriction issue with the supply lines.


  Of course Dan there are other possibilities as well, a qualified service technician would need to complete a safety inspection to be sure of any issue before a repair is completed.


Hope this is helpful Gary Burch


Tip of the month

Avoid Kitchen Drain clogs,

*Run cold water for a full 30 seconds after you grind anything in your Garbage disposal to flush everything out.

* Avoid putting Egg shells they tend to stick to the walls of the piping and promote stoppages

*Avoid any stringy vegetables in the Disposal, they are difficult to grind for most disposals on the market.

* use a safe drain maintenance product like Bio-One on a regular basis to keep your drain system running clear  of grease and build up year round.

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