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Eichler Home Specialists

Gene Burch Plumbing Heating & Air is a 40 year old company based in Novato and specializing in radiant and hydronic heating installations and repairs throughout Marin County. GBPH&A has a long standing reputation for quality installations in both residential and commercial applications.

Eichler home owners have depended on GBPH&A for years for servicing of their radiant heating systems, boiler upgrades or conversions of their original in floor radiant heating systems to hydronic baseboard or European-style radiator systems.

As one of the most experienced radiant heating companies in Marin, GBPH&A is the go to company for Eichler homes in Marin. Trust your home with our experienced Eichler home specialist for repairing, replacing or upgrading your boiler, Call us today for a free estimate! 

Eichler Services in Marin County


Radiant Water Heating

Water Radiant Heat

Radiant Heat Repairs

System Inspections

Radiant Heat Leak Repairs

Radiant Heat WH

Water Heating Systems

Hot Water Heating Systems

Boiler Inspections

Slab Leak Repairs

Hot Water Radiant Heat

Hot Water Heating System

Radiant Heat Inspections

Radiant Water Heater