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5 Essential Questions

Whenever a service technician is in your home and a position to sell you a service, he/she should be able to answer the following 5 questions:

1. What failed or what needs repair?
2. Why did it fail?
3. What is needed to repair/replace it?
4. What is it going to cost to do this for you?
5. How long will the repair last?

These questions should be asked by you of EVERY PERSON PROVIDING A SERVICE IN YOUR HOME AND WANTING YOU TO PAY FOR IT. To be fair, some answers are not always going to be known. Sometimes, the overall cost cannot be known, so an explanation of “stages” to proceed is in order. Furthermore, the technician should be able to give a more than reasonable answer to all 5 questions and not in technical terms. If I cannot justify asking you for your money, you should not only avoid giving it to me, but to anyone else. At this point, say thank you, but you are going to get another estimate for this work. Sometimes, there are mystery problems or leak searches that are not easily diagnosed. In such cases, we may have to prove what is NOT the problem, to exclude it from the list of possibilities it could be. With this, a clear explanation of what is to be expected and a why this course of action makes sense. In such cases, the 5 questions STILL apply, so the technician needs to justify this repair, regardless of what the “mystery problem” ultimately ends up being.

Until next time,
Eric Burch

Tip of the month:

Note: Be sure to run the water for an extra 30 seconds after a large use of garbage disposal. This will help to flush the pipes well and should limit your need to call a plumber 🙂


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